These 8 Objects And Places Were Perfectly Preserved In Time. #5 Is Just Amazing.

Circumstance or chance sometimes manages to preserve things better than a time capsule ever could. These 8 objects and places from around the world were perfectly preserved, and remain so, thanks to pure chance.

1.) Nazi Airplane.

Back in 2009, a completely intact Nazi fighter plane was found at the bottom of the Black Sea. The plane originally disappeared back in 1942, and its crew was never heard from again. 

2.) Old Sandwich.

When the organ at Padiham Road Methodist Church in Burnley, Lancs, was disassembled, Organist Keith Yates found something peculiar. It was a perfectly preserved sandwich left inside the organ 118 years ago. The sandwich came complete with paper bag and a newspaper from 1896.

3.) A Soldier’s Room.

When 18-year-old Hubert Rochereau was killed in 1918 during World War I, his parents preserved his room exactly as it was. They left everything the same, and stipulated when they sold their house that it would remain untouched for 500 years.

4.) Corner Shop.

One day this corner shop closed up and never reopened. Trapped inside was a veritable goldmine of preserved collectibles and objects from the U.K. in the 1950s.

5.) Baby Mammoth.

In 2007, an ancient, baby woolly mammoth washed up on a riverbank in Siberia. Scientists dated the mammoth back 42,000 years. They believe it was frozen solid in the permafrost, but eventually thawed out and escaped. It’s suspected that it suffocated trying to drink water because of the clay and mud stuck in her trunk.

6.) Preserved Human Brain.

Outside the city of York in 2011, archaeologists found the best preserved specimen of a prehistoric human brain in modern history. From what they could piece together, it belonged to an Iron Age man decapitated 2,500 years ago. The head fell into a water-logged pit, preserving the brain inside.

7.) Chernobyl Amusement Park.

The Pripyat theme park was slated to open on the day of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The park stood irradiated and abandoned since the meltdown, but also perfectly preserved in time. 

8.) The Red Dress Manor.

This four-bedroom farmhouse stood completely empty for 40 years after its owner died. When it was eventually opened back up, the inside was covered in photos and love letters, just as it was when the owner died. It also had a fair amount of extra dust and cobwebs.

The photo that gives this house its name is one of the former owner, Ellen Jones, wearing a bright red wedding dress. The dress was also found inside the home.

Via: The Mirror

I wish I could convince my parents to keep my old room exactly how it was as a tribute to me for the next 500 years. Sadly, I think they’d much rather have their basement back. 

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