Literal Manscapes Are Now Available Thanks to One Ambitious Stylist.

Modern society has made it more acceptable for men and women to make choices about what to do with their body hair. A variety of management techniques offer those with body hair different options to manage it. You can shave or wax, use a depilatory cream, or get electrolysis and never have to worry about maintenance again. Or, you can go au naturel and embrace your fuzz. For the most part, men and women alike take a pretty simple approach to body hair, although we’ve seen some interesting bikini-line geometry in our day. 

Celebrity hairstylist Daniel Johnson wants to make things fancier. The English stylist known for managing the hair of famous footballers like Ashley Cole, Gareth Blue, and Erik Lamela looks to spruce up hair beyond the head. Johnson began carving intricate images into his male clients’ chest hair after finding inspiration from an Instagram tag. His detailed work required trimming the hairs to different lengths, from 0 to 15 milimeters, to create the effect. It’s no easy task, either, since chest hair is all wiry and curly.

It’s like the manliest world tour ever.

He’s going to get a little boat down at the bottom to complete the landscape.

He seems a bit baffled by the results. It grows back, dude!

“Take in the view, ladies.”

The end result is a bunch of dudes with iconic landscapes… er, manscapes… on their chests. Johnson created the New York City skyline, the Pyramids of Giza, the Sydney Opera House, and Stonehenge… in hair. Because nothing puts a finishing touch on a beach bod like some prehistoric megaliths, amirite?

(Photos via Braun)

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