These People Took Plastic Surgery To The Next, Insane Level. OMG.

Cosmetic surgery is an industry that thrives on insecurity. Many of the people that undergo such procedures don’t have any deformities, they just aren’t happy with who they are and they believe modifying their body will change that. In some truly bizarre cases, plastic surgery patients actually ask for deformities because it gives them a sense of identity.

Here are some people that took the limits of plastic surgery to the extreme and became someone (or something) else entirely because of it. Warning: most of this is pretty ridiculous.

1.) The Lizard Man.

Erik Sprague is a freak-show performer known to the world as “The Lizard Man” because, well, isn’t it obvious? Sprague has five Teflon horns that were implanted on his brow to create a snake like hood over his eyes, four sharpened teeth, a forked tongue and green inked lips on top of the tattoos that completely cover his body.

2.) The Living Sex Doll.

Katella Dash was born a male, but now strives to look as much like a female blow up doll as possible. That’s not an insult; those are her exact words. When discussing the fact that she spent almost $100,000 she has spent on breast surgery alone, she says she digs the sex doll look because “it’s about as fake a person as you can be.” Ok then…

3.) Stalking Cat.

Dennis Avner still currently holds the world record for most body modifications. Avner’s alterations include full body and face tattoos, subdermal implants that shape the face, brow and bridge of his nose to him look more cat like, sharpening of the teeth, elongated ears, and painful looking upper lip piercings that look like whiskers. He even wore a robotic tail at times to complete the facade.

4.) The Real Life Anime Girl.

Anastasiya Shpagina currently just uses make-up and regular exercise to achieve the Sailor Moon she has perfected, but she hopes to one day get a surgical procedure done in her eyes and waist so that she looks like this permanently. She says this is actually a very common procedure in Japan.

5.) The Woman Who Gave Her Eight Year Old Daughter $12,935 In Plastic Surgery Vouchers.

Sarah Burge is known for having hundreds of plastic surgery procedures done. As this is her one claim to fame, she felt it was fitting to give her eight year old daughter almost a car’s worth of money for body modifications. Burge is quick to point out that the vouchers don’t work until she’s 18, but that kinda of makes that an even crappier present, right?

6.) The Human Ken Doll.

To achieve this plastic look, Justin Jedlica had to undergo hinoplasty, chest implants, shoulder implants, bicep implants, calf implants and various facelifts.

7.) The Bloodiest Facial.

Bar Refaeli is a supermodel who paid an unholy amount of money for a bizarre facial treatment that involved getting getting stabbed over 300 times over the course of several hours. Beauty hurts I guess.

If I had to look like a lizard man, I would only do it if it came with lizard superpowers as well. Having a super stretchy tongue and the power to climb up walls would be worth all of the pain of the unnecessary surgery. 

Bottom line? Save money and learn to love the body you were born with. It’s just not worth the empty bank account.

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