You Won’t Believe The Natural Defenses That Some Of These Animals Have.

If you think self-deprecation was a strange defense mechanism, then you’ll be blown away by what these animals do when threatened. Some of these natural defenses seem like they’re straight out of a horror movie. Some are so bizarre that they’re probably “too much” for a horror movie and would be left on the cutting room floor. I’m looking at you, lizard that shoots blood from its eyes.

Not all are terrifying, but they will all make you think twice about getting close to these animals. Take a look!  

1.) Texas Horned Lizard

You probably didn’t plan on attacking a Texas horned lizard any time soon. Now that you know they shoot blood from their eyes (up to 5 ft) when threatened, you definitely never will.

2.) Camponotus Saundersi Ant

When these ants sense that the end is near, they’ll suck in their insides and cause an explosion to release toxins. These toxins then harm their attacker.

3.) Cantor’s Giant Softshell Turtle

This turtle’s natural defense is not having what most other species of turtle rely on for protection. While they’re more vulnerable to injury without a hard shell, good luck finding them in the first place.

4.) Cuttlefish

If you ever find yourself getting sleepy while swimming in the ocean, you might be dealing with a cuttlefish. Okay, that won’t happen, but these interesting creatures will use their colorful skin and tentacles to hypnotize their prey.

5.) Phasmatodea

Not only can these stick insects blend in with their surroundings, they can even regenerate their limbs if need be.

6.) Electric Eel

As you can guess from its name, if you mess with this eel, be prepared to deal with a high voltage shock.

7.) Motyxia Sequoiae

If the glowing doesn’t get their predators to back off, the oozing toxins should. If not, well, RIP predators.

8.) Wood Frog

This frog survives the cold winters by beating their surroundings at its own game. Instead of waiting around for the weather to do it to them, these frogs freeze themselves to make it through the winter.

9.) Possum

These animals are great at pretending to be dead. There’s a good chance that if you did so in front of a group of people, at least a few of them would ask if you’re “playing possum.”

10.) Eurasian Roller Birds

When these birds feel threatened, they will vomit a repulsive smelling orange liquid. Yeah, I think I’ll pass on eating that.

(via Oddee, Earth Rangers)

I wonder how much a Texas horned lizard charges for appearing at your Halloween party. Because I’m in. Just as long as it doesn’t get within five feet of me, of course.

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