Have A Hangover? Maybe You Should Try Some Of These Quick Fixes From Other Countries.

Hangovers are one of the worst experiences in the world, but it’s how we know we’re human. Just saying the word “hangover” out loud gives me a headache.

There’s only one go-to hangover cure most Americans use: a combination of time and aspirin. Other cultures around the world, however, use completely different and fairly unique methods. Here are 10 odd yet effective hangover cures from around the world. I’m tempted to try #5.

1.) Namibia.

In the South African country of Namibia, the locals have what they consider to be a foolproof cure for hangovers. They call it Buffalo Milk.

Buffalo Milk is a combination of the following hangover fighting substances: clotted cream, dark rum, spiced rum, cream liqueur, and whole cream. I’d imagine this would be pretty nauseating after a long night of drinking for most folks. I suppose another foolproof way of fighting a hangover is to just get drunk again.

2.) Peru.

Peruvians know how to party, and in turn know how to fight back against the wrath of the hangover. For the morning after, they eat a special kind of fish soup that comes complete with lime juice, lemon juice, garlic, and ginger.

That actually sounds delicious, and there’s no alcohol in it.

3.) The Wild West.

Back in the days of the wild American west cowboys didn’t have access to a wide selection of sophisticated hangover cures. So what did they do after a night of too much whisky? They drank pellet tea.

Pellet tea, of course, was made by steeping rabbit droppings in hot water. Yuck.

4.) Australia.

The Aussies love their Vegemite, so it’s no surprise that Vegemite is their choice of hangover cure. In case you’re not familiar with Vegemite, it’s a food spread made from left over brewer’s yeast extract with various spices. It looks like Nutella, but believe me, it doesn’t taste like it. 

5.) Canada.

When Canadians have too much to drink, they eat a healthy helping of poutine the day after. Poutine may be the single most delicious thing in Canada regardless of your physical state. It’s a platter of french fries smother in cheese curds and gravy. Yummy, sign me up. 

6.) Bangladesh.

The locals in Bangladesh recommend drinking coconut water if you’re having a rough time after swigging from the bottle until sunrise. It’s supposedly full of potassium and many other essential nutrients that help fight a hangover.

7.) Hungary.

Hungarians never do things by half measure. When you have a hangover in their country, their solution is drinking sparrow droppings in brandy. Pretty gross.

8.) Puerto Rico.

Puerto Ricans allegedly discovered a way to prevent hangovers all together. All you need to do before a night out is rub a slice of lemon or lime into the armpit of your drinking arm, and voilà! No hangover the next day.

I should note that there’s no actual science behind this, but I guess it’s worth a try, right?

9.) Haiti.

Haiti doesn’t mess around with hangovers. You can get voodoo to take of your hangover for you. All you need to do is stick 13 black-headed pins into the cork of the bottle that caused your hangover. Then it magically disappears. Sounds simple enough. 

10.) Ireland.

According Irish tradition, the best way to kick that killer hangover is to bury yourself up to your neck in wet river sand. Of course there’s no science to back this one up either, but it would be sort of equal to having a super cold shower. Sometimes that works. 

(Via: Ebaum’s World)

Some of these cures sound worse than the actual hangover itself. The only one I do want to try is the Canadian method. Poutine after a tough, all-night party sounds magical.

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