This Skeleton Rocking Chair Will Make For A Terrifying Addition To Your Home.

I don’t take home decorating too seriously these days. But if there’s one thing that I know will tie any room in my house together, it’s a hand-carved wooden skeleton rocking chair.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these pictures below and then try to tell me that this wouldn’t look stunning in every room in your house.

Here it is. The magnificent skeleton rocking chair.

It might look a little morbid at first, but just imagine how comfortable it must be.

Plus, you’ll look really cool sitting in it.

If the skeleton didn’t sell you on it, then how about the dragons on the bottom? So cool.

Legend has it that famous horror actor Vincent Price ordered two handmade skeleton rocking chairs from Europe right before his death. Sadly, they didn’t make it there in time.

This model of skeleton rocking chair is allegedly a replica of the chairs Vincent Price ordered.

Via: Tumblr

I’m sold. My place could use a few more pieces of creepy furniture. Now if only I could find a store online that sold these chairs, I’d be all set. 

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