This Quaint Town Can Belong To You…If You Don’t Mind Some Spooky Atmosphere.

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own town? Do you want an entire habitat just for you, your friends, and maybe even a few members of your family to live in peace without the rest of the world interfering? If you don’t mind a possible ghost or two, you’re in luck.

The town of Johnsonville, Connecticut, is up for grabs after being abandoned not once, not twice, but three times.

All you need is $800,000, which is a steal.

The listing on Auction shows off the idyllic side of the historic town.

It’s nearly 62 acres of quaint buildings and endearing atmosphere.

First established in the 1830s, it was a thriving community until the 1950s.

Modernization and a lack of job opportunities led to the town’s abandonment, until a millionaire purchased it in the 1960s.

Ray Schmitt intended to market the town as a tourist attraction, even bringing in more charming buildings like this chapel.

But the idea never really took off and, again, the town was abandoned in 1998 after his death.

It was briefly purchased again by a hotel developer in 2008.

But nothing really came of that investment, and it was put back on the market for a whopping $2.9 million.

No one was interested in that hefty price.

The spooky town was left empty ever since.

Hopefully, the seasonal timing of this new auction will bring new buyers to Johnsonville.

(via Messy Nessy Chic.)

There were no known stories of actual ghostly events, but its quiet abandonment over the years fueled a frightening reputation. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own cozy getaway! You just need the cash and nerves of steel.

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