These 15 Masks From Inherently Creep Us Out To Our Core. UGH.

If you think masks are just fun things that help you get candy, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. They can also be terrifying tools that can give the most stalwart brave awful nightmares. There is something inherently awful about some masks. They give their wearer an evil anonymity that is just chilling.

Take a look at these incredibly scary masks from movies and history below. You may not want to close your eyes tonight, though. When you do… you might just find these dead eyes staring back at you (GULP).

1.) Splatter Masks

These were used by tank crews in World War I to protect themselves from lead paint fragments.

2.) Babyface Killer Mask from The Hills Run Red

Born from forced incest, this killer grew up locked in a shed.

3.) Iroquois False Face Society Mask

These masks were worn by those involved in the False Face Society, a group who worked in medicine.

4.) Death Masks

These wax or plaster masks were made for the deceased after they passed.

5.) Hannya Masks

This type of mask was used in Noh theater and represents a jealous serpent.

6.) Michael Myers from Halloween

In the Halloween series, Myers murders his older sister and, years later, a group of teenagers.

7.) Schandmaskes or Shame Masks

These were used by Germans as punishment in the 17th and 18th centuries.

8.) Button Face’s Mask from Nightbreed

This villain shouldn’t expect to make many friends with those eerie button eyes. Oh, and all of the killing people.

9.) Baby Gas Masks

These were given to some infants during World War I and II.

10.) Jason Vorrhees from Friday the 13th

This hockey mask is so scary, the NHL doesn’t even use them anymore. Jason probably didn’t have anything to do with that decision, but you never know.

11.) Dirt-Eater Mask

These masks were used by slave owners to prevent their slaves from eating dirt, which some were accustomed to doing.

12.) Scream Mask from Scream

The mask behind the highest grossing slasher movie of all time.

13.) Alexander Peden’s Mask

In 1663, this Presbyterian minister used this mask to hide himself from the Scottish government, who did not approve of his beliefs.

14.) Madame Rowley’s Toilet Mask

This late 19th century beauty treatment seems ridiculous and, on top of that, it’s terrifying.

15.) Hannibal Lecter’s Mask from Silence of the Lambs

The only thing scarier than this mask is the sight of Hannibal Lecter trying to bite you.

(via Listverse, geekshizzle)

If you’re looking for a particularly haunting Halloween mask, just copy any of the ones you see above! You’ll win any costume contest, hands down (and mask up).

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