This Bunker Comes With A 10-Year Anti-Zombie Guarantee. Wait Til You See the Price.

Zombies aren’t real (probably). But just in case you’re worried about the undead, you can guarantee your safety from them for a mere $146,000. England-based manufacturer Tiger Log Cabins created the ultimate zombie-proof bunker. If that price tag seems a little too much, just wait until you see it. 

Behold the “Zombie Fortification Cabin.”

This zombie-proof fortress it’s actually pretty spacious. The bunker even has a built-in gym.

This is what the full schematic for the bunker looks like. It boasts reinforced slit windows, plenty of barbed wire, and a secure garage for storing your escape vehicles.

Of course, no anti-zombie fortress would be complete without a protected, enclosed vegetable garden.

It can all be yours starting at just $112,897. However, for maximum effectiveness, you’re going to want to opt for some of the extras. You can tack on another $33,524 for solar panels, riot gear, and security cameras. So $146,421 total.

If you’re still not convinced that you’ll be protected against the undead hoard, Tiger Log Cabins even offers a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee for every bunker they sell.

Via: The Mirror

Now that’s one heck of zombie bunker. I wish I had the money for it. If you do, place an order for it here. I’d probably buy one just to have it. Sadly, the company still has yet to sell any of these bunkers, despite plenty of interest from American customers.

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