This 9-Year-Old Kid Just Wrote The Creepiest Essay Of All Time.

Kids can be pretty creepy sometimes. When they act creepy, they’re usually pretty casual about it.

This 9-year-old takes the cake on acting creepy. Just check out the essay he wrote on the topic of “If I Died.” His response will creep you the heck out.

In case you’re having a little trouble reading his handwriting, here’s what the essay says:

“If I died I would probably like it. Why? Because things would be so much easier. Like if I was dead I wouldn’t have homework, and I wouldn’t have to be scared to die because I’m already dead. Also I wouldn’t be bullied. I’m now dead so I could do whatever I want in heaven or can become evil and haunt everyone, but I’d rather go be dead in Heaven.” 

Via: Reddit

At least he’s looking on the bright side of being dead?

According to the tutor posting the essay, this kid has to write daily essays for his parents because of bad grades in school. Maybe this is just a little bit of rebellion?

It’s still pretty creepy though. I think a trip to see the school psychologist would be a good idea.

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