How Could It Have Taken This Long For Her To Know THIS Was In Her Nose?

What’s your personal time record for having a leech living in your nose? I hope your answer is “none.” 

This woman had a leech hiding in her nose for weeks before she noticed it hanging out of one of her nostrils in the shower. She had frequent nosebleeds before this, but thought they were a result of the motorcycle accident she was in. Once she realized that a living creature caused her nosebleeds, she rushed to the emergency room to have it removed. If you’re grossed out by the thought of having a leech in your nose, you definitely won’t want to see what it looks like. For the brave souls out there, you can follow her journey below.  

She tried blowing the leech out of her nose, but it wasn’t until doctors intervened with forceps that the blood-sucking creature was removed.


Three inches might not seem very long, but when it’s the size of a leech living in your nose, it might as well be three feet.




Well, she certainly seems to be doing better now.


(via Daily Mail)

What a horrifying discovery to make in the shower. It’s so jarring to realize you’re not alone, especially in your own body.

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