Now THIS Is How You Deal With Thieves: Sarcasm. I Can’t Get Enough!

There’s nothing funny about getting robbed, but showing thieves you’re not afraid to call them out can be humorous. Not only is it a good way to blow off steam, it makes everyone’s day better. Most of all, it might make criminals realize how awful their actions were. That probably won’t happen, but at least you’ll have had some fun. Take a look at these hilarious messages to thieves!  

1.) Please be a considerate thief.

2.) CSI: Lunch

3.) The lowest forms of life, indeed.

4.) I thought notes were supposed to make things less confusing.

5.) They must be really angry if they wished this on someone.

6.) They don’t even deserve fake flowers.

7.) Taking the high road.

8.) Quit picking on the constipated.

9.) Even threatening notes have ads in them now. Great.

10.) You monsters!

11.) This isn’t stealing. This is kidnapping.

12.) It certainly looks familiar.

13.) Cheers!

14.) I hope you stole ointment to help you with this burn.

15.) Not an itchy bum!

(via DailyDawdle)

I hope the thieves viewing these signs have more of a change of heart than a laugh. (Though maybe they would laugh so hard that their stomachs begin to hurt. Yeah, that would be nice.) Good luck stealing more stuff when your tummies ache, you big jerks.

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