This Paralympian Deserves the Gold Medal for His Epic Halloween Costumes.

When Josh Sundquist was a child, he lost his leg to Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare bone bone cancer. Today, he is a member of the United States Paralympic Ski Team and Amputee Soccer team. Oh, and the wearer of some of the best Halloween costumes the world has ever seen.

It seems like ever year, Sundquist is letting his creativity and sense of humor flourish in the form of a Halloween costume that will have you laughing out loud. It’s no wonder he’s a best-selling author and popular motivational speaker–how could you not want to hear what he has to say? There aren’t many people out their with that type of experience and personality. Take a look at some of Sundquist’s best Halloween costumes.  

2010 – Gingerbread Man

2012 – The Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story

2013 – Pink Flamingo

2014 – Foosball Player

Watch this video for some “behind the scenes” costume action.

(via Josh Sundquist)

Wow. Those are some amazing costumes. It’s too bad there isn’t an Olympic event for designing a hilarious Halloween costume, because Sundquist would surely get the gold.

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