What One Celebrity Did For A Sick Little Girl Is Amazing. I’m In Awe.

At the recent DragonCon 2014 event, a little girl showed up to live a true fantasy. Her wish? To meet her favorite character/actor. Normally at an event like this, she’d be just one of thousands of fans hoping to catch a fleeting glimpse of her hero. Things were different for this girl, though.

Thanks to the efforts of the amazing Make-A-Wish foundation, she got to live out the day of her dreams.

Meet Dawn, a 10 year old who has a life threatening illness, and who wanted nothing more than to meet Sir Patrick Stewart to make her dreams come true. Making her wish happen and setting up a meeting with him was no small task. But at DragonCon, Dawn got to sit down to talk with him 15 minutes before he was to address a crowd of 2000.

During their conversation, the two became incredibly engaged, and Patrick truly focused on making their time together the best it could ever be. In fact, just as their time was winding down and the family was getting up to leave, Dawn raced over to give the biggest hug ever to her hero. All because a hero of a child took the time to make her happy. Amazing!

(via James Barker / BuzzFeed)

Bravo, Mr. Stewart. This perfectly timed photo really says it all. We applaud the true joy in your face, and that you truly care about Dawn. It’s things like this by the Make-A-Wish foundation that truly make the world a better place. We can’t recommend enough that you make a donation on their website to help support dreams like this. They make all the difference in the world.

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