Nightclubs Might Actually Be Cooler Once They’re Run Down And Abandoned.

We all know that disco is very dead. But what do those clubs look like now that the sweaty bodies, and poofy hair has gone?

For the last several years, Italian photographer Antonio La Grotta has explored the ruins of old Italian discotheques from the 80’s and 90’s. These giant dance clubs were usually located on the outskirts of cities, and the center of a vibrant nightlife. Sadly as time went on, preferences changed.

Rather than driving out of the city to party, people started frequenting smaller clubs and bars in the city. As you might imagine this led to a slow decline that can be seen in the crumbling bricks of these once majestic party palaces. Just take a look, makes me wish I could visit 1980’s Italy.



Ultimo Impero.

Cesar Palace.

(Via: Slate)

Those are darkly beautiful. Urban decay is nothing new, but these clubs out in the countryside are a whole different story. If you liked what you saw make sure to check out more photographs from Antonio La Grotta here.

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