At The World’s Best Restaurant, You Can Order This Extreme Course Meal. Mmmm.

How many courses did the last meal you ate have? Only one? Well the next time you’re in Denmark you should treat yourself to a 24 course meal at Noma. Noma is considered one of the best restaurants in the world, and after you get a look at the food you’ll understand why.

Food show host and rapper Action Bronson visited Noma last summer and documented his whole 24 course meal on Instagram. We’ve compiled these mouth watering images for you below. If you’re not hungry now, you will by the time you get to #24. 

1.) Fresh berries in fresh herbs. Mmm, delicious.

2.) Live Langoustine. This one looks a little freaky.

3.) Flower tart. I wonder what this one tasted like.

4.) Summer peas with chamomile. I bet that tiny portion packs a lot of taste.

5.) Hay smoked quail egg. Wow. That’s some pretty amazing food presentation.

6.) Tar tar of Danish beef with celery and black ants. Why do they have to put ants on it? I guess they enhance the flavor.

7.) Sea urchin with hazelnuts. Never in a million years would I have thought to pair those two foods up.

8.) Caramelized cabbage with rose petals and greens. This looks like the carcass of some sort of giant bug.

9.) Shaved cod liver on burnt milk. How do you burn milk exactly?

10.) Roasted baby cucumber with ants and scallop fudge. These meals are just more and more creative.

11.) Savory Danish donuts with bitter greens and grasshopper. Those look so good.

12.) BBQ’d summer onion. This is not at all appetizing.

13.) Danish squid with black currant sauce. Oh yes please.

14.) Blackberries and cherries in a seaweed broth with cured turbot roe. This looks like some alien dish out of a scifi movie.

15.) Butternut squash with caviar from Finland. Oh dear lord. I’ll two please.

16.) Roasted lettuce root with various wild steamed greens in a lemon verbena sauce. Yum.

17.) New potatoes with rose petals and cured egg yolk. What is a new potato exactly?

18.) Roasted bone marrow. Whoa, that’s exotic.

19.) Pickled squash. This sort of looks like something you’d see under a microscope.

20.) Dessert: Rhubarb rose with creme fraiche in apple broth. So artfully presented.

21.) Dessert: Raspberries in a rye cream. This looks so sweet.

22.) Dessert: Chocolate covered fermented mushroom. Chocolate can make anything taste delicious.

23.) Dessert: Egg nog with marinated cherries. Egg nog isn’t just for the holidays.

24.) Dessert: Chocolate covered pork rind with berries. This must have been the most delicious thing ever.

Via: Gizmodo 

One thing Bronson doesn’t mention is just how much this meal cost him. I’m guessing it wasn’t cheap, but it certainly was filling. Who wants to come to Denmark with me?

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