26 Perfect Ways To Kick The Clutter Messing Up Your Life To The Curb.

It might start with one small, stray item strewn on your desk or any convenient flat surface. Before you know it, you’ve created full-on clutter chaos. Lots of little things turn into one big mess in no time at all.

But there’s a light at the end of the unorganized avalanche, and the solutions aren’t that difficult to pull off. With just a few of these clever steps, you’ll be living the easy life again.

1.) Customize your utensil drawers for the perfect fit.

2.) Keep your hair ties together with a carabiner.

3.) Keep your small desk items in a muffin pan.

4.) Keep your bobby pins in a magnetic paper clip holder.

5.) Put pictures of the toys on the front of drawers for easy-to-understand clean-up time.

6.) Screw the tops of peanut butter jars to the bottom of shelves for shop storage.

7.) Use an ice cube tray to organize your earrings.

8.) Use fabric over a cork board and some push pins to organize your necklaces.

9.) Use your long neglected serving caddy as a craft caddy instead.

10.) Keep your nail polish in a see-through shoe organizer.

11.) Use shower hooks on an over-the-door towel rack to keep your scarves neat.

12.) Use a wine rack to store your yarn.

13.) Use a magazine holder to stack pasta boxes.

14.) You can also use it for your plastic wrap and foil storage.

15.) Keep your jewelry from tangling up during travel with a daily medicine organizer.

16.) Use a tiered fruit basket to store bath time toys.

17.) Use egg cartons to keep your Keurig pods separate in a drawer.

18.) Store your pasta, beans, and other dry goods in large, clear jars.

19.) Store your tupperware separated by size using a dish drying rack.

20.) Use an old tea tin and scrapbook paper for easy access to all your tea.

21.) Keep extra cupcake cups in a mason jar.

22.) Use salt and pepper shaker sets to organize your glitter.

23.) Storage and seat in one!

24.) Tape together empty Crystal Light containers to make an art supplies organizer.

25.) Frame board games and tape the pieces to the back for cute storage and decor.

26.) Organize ribbon or wrapping paper with curtain rods and chains.

(via BuzzFeed.)

I would have never thought of these, but I’m so glad someone else did. It’ll be nice to see my floor again soon!

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