These Sanitation Workers Are, Literally, Everyday Superheroes. Check This Out.

In our society, who do you think of as superheroes? Firemen? Police Officers? Military Service Members? Doctors? How about sanitation workers?

These two men working in sanitation on the Taihang Mountain are every day superheroes. Literally. The pair, who work in the Henan Province of China, decided to bring a little flair to their jobs.

So, they wear Spiderman outfits on the job every day.

Here, the Spider-Men are preparing to descend a cliff to collect litter left by their arch nemesis, The Litter-Bug.

All joking aside, this looks really scary.

Due to a lack of superpowers (such as web-spinning), these heroes must resort to a more precarious method of climbing, using only some rope and the natural foot-holds on the cliffside.

They wear these outfits so that they can be more easily spotted on the hillside.

Plus, this just looks awesome.

Here are Liu Jiancheng and Zhang Chengqing, unmasked, smiling, and rightfully proud of the work they do everyday.


People will think twice about littering once they see the danger it puts these workers in. Sometimes, it takes a few good people dressed in costumes to make the world a better place. Thank you, Spider-Men.

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