These Cuddly Animals Need Serious Snuggles… My Heart Just Can’t Take It.

The animal kingdom contains an assortment of creatures. From big to tall, the variety runs the gambit. Some drive fear straight into our hearts (and the depths of our nervous stomachs). Others are, well…. the cutest things imaginable.

They’re the ones that kids will go crazy over. But more importantly, they’re the ones we as adults still have to saw “awwwww” to when we see them.

1.) No matter how many times I’ve seen them, penguins are always the cutest.

2.) You win my heart, Mr. Puppy.

3.) Someone’s already eaten their Thanksgiving dinner.

4.) Oh, we found her sister from before!

5.) My heart is breaking.

6.) Catch you at a bad time?

7.) If only it were possible… your cute factor would sky rocket.

8.) Cows of the sea, ladies and gentlemen.

9.) Hehehe.

10.) Wait… they can wear a BROWN tux too?!

11.) You know he’s hating this selfie.

12.) I wonder which one is more of a handful.

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