These Pets Are Just NOT Having These Halloween Costumes.

Halloween season shall soon be upon us, so start dusting off your old costume ideas. Halloween parties are coming.

The worst part of these pumpkin-saturated parties is seeing your friends poor dog meekly trot out in a wackadoo costume. (And you know he did pick it. Or understand it.)

Most pets don’t mind all of the attention and Halloween snuggles, but these animals were just NOT having it:

1.) This basset is not exactly thrilled about getting his head sliced open.

2.) This dog has never heard of Star Wars and the word “Ewok” means nothing to his life.

3.) This dog doesn’t understand why you keep asking if he wants a cookie. The answer would be “yes” regardless if he was wearing this stupid thing or not.

4.) This dog does not want to fight crime. That utility belt is useless and his pants don’t fit.

5.) This cat does not enjoy you singing “dun-um, dun-um” every time he moves.

6.) This is not Huckleberry Hound.

7.) If this is truly a mouse, it is the most scornful mouse of all time.

8.) Don’t worry, this is not a spider, just a kitty who is sometimes forced to tolerate his owner’s antics on Instagram.

9.) Grumpy cat is…well especially grumpy in his Halloween sweater.

10.) If this cat must be a banana, he hopes his owner slips on his peel and dies.

11.) This cat has decided not to attend your party until you remove him from this creatures felt jaws.

12.) Sorry, is this guy dressing his cat up as a different colored cat?? I just…I don’t understand.

13.) This cat is already a orange striped cat. Can’t we just say he’s a tiger and leave him alone?

14.) Dogs do not play video games.

15.) Director Furry is about to unleash some fury on his owner.

16.) This cat does appreciate his cape because it makes it hard for him to be a cat.

17.) Your crappy puns are wasted on dogs for they do not understand rhetorical language.

18.) This dog does not care about the little man riding on his back for he is already worried about food and whether or not you still love him.

19.) This cat wants you to take your “Hakuna Matata” and shove it down your throat.

20.) At this point this cat wished the arrow had shot him in the skull and all your friends had to leave.

21.) This pug did not come in like a wrecking ball. He came in and fell pathetically.

22.) This dog once did not know the concept of shame, but is now a walrus.

23.) This cat wonders if instead her owner should have just bought a doll. Just buy a doll and leave her alone forever, please.

24.) This dog would be really out of place storming the rebel base on Hoth. This was always his owners fantasy, not his. His is to just be a dog.

My mom’s mastiff actually enjoys wearing clothes, which is more troubling than if he hated them. Nothing is creepier than a giant dog that gets way too into the festive spirit.

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