15 Simple Ways To Stay Young, Even When You’re Old. Try All Of These.

Growing up: everybody does it sooner or later, and it comes with its benefits and its drawbacks. For example, no one can make you go to bed, but you’re going to feel your decision in the morning. No one can make you clean your room, but you have to pay to keep the lights on. You don’t have homework, but you have a job.

Never fear! Adulthood doesn’t have to be all drudgery and paperwork. Take a cue from these folks who know how to tap back into their kid sides and have some fun.

1.) Learn (or teach someone) to ride a bike.

This is going to be me in about forty years. I still can’t ride a bike.

2.) Use a slide.

The slide isn’t exactly the only youthful item here…

3.) Indulge your tastes from time to time.

Also make bad “time” puns on pictures of watches.

4.) Save an artifact from childhood.

The fact that they’ve managed to keep this towel so clean shows some seriously adult responsibility.

5.) Take a treasure and give it a grown-up makeover.

Taking “classic car” to a whole new level.

6.) Make stupid jokes.

They seem to have an equal view of all kinds of diverse relationships. Aw!

7.) Make stupider jokes.

I wanna see what they did to Braveheart.

8.) Understand that you have needs.

If anyone asks about your need to have a ball pit, you can tell them it’s therapeutic. It’s not exactly a lie.

9.) Play pretend with others.

Ikea is like another planet.

10.) Relive your childhood memories sometimes.

I don’t see any kids on this at all.

11.) But also try embracing the new kid trends.

“Oh, I can catch them all.”

12.) Use your adult advantage in kid activities.

After years of stealthy playground games, Grandma had become a formidable military strategist.

13.) Make something fun out of whatever you have.

The mighty Tube Slapper is ready to defend its alpha status!

14.) Keep seeing things as potential for fun.

I like to think their cart is full of kid-themed snack food as well.

15.) Show other kids that they don’t have to take growing up too seriously.

“Get your own swing!”

These people know how to take a break and get back to their kid roots! We suggest you try some of these out. Go ahead! What’s stopping you?

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