Can’t Think Of The Right Words To Express Your Emotions? Use These E-cards.

It’s frustrating to be at a loss for words in an electronic medium. You sometimes try hard to find the perfect insult or witty thing to say, but come up short.

Never fear! We have you covered. These e-cards have all the sass and rudeness that you couldn’t put into words. Once you see them, you’ll know exactly what they mean and agree with them 100%.

1.) For the easily offended.

2.) For the lonely souls.

3.) For the nosy bartenders.

4.) For those afraid of blackmail.

5.) For the cocky Facebook users.

6.) For boring people.

7.) For when you get pulled over.

8.) For cake lovers.

9.) For those who don’t want to eat healthy.

10.) For those who are always late.

11.) For best friends.

12.) For the optimist in us.

13.) For those who love snow.

14.) For gassy ladies.

15.) For those wanting to create a music blog.

16.) For those who hate working out, but still go to the gym.

17.) For morning people.

18.) For Grad School students.

19.) For those who have a hard time making relationships work.

20.) For hungry people.

21.) For cat people.

22.) For those two faced people.

23.) For those who hate birthdays.

24.) For those who talk a lot of crap.

25.) For Facebook stalkers.

26.) For those who hate their jobs.

27.) For those who hate that one guy.

28.) For those who like to waste money.

29.) For those who browse the net at their job.

30.) For those of you who read this post.

Next time you’re at a loss for words, just check out some e-cards. They will probably express an emotion in a way that you never could. Takes the pressure off, right?

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