These Two Best Friends Want to Make the Coolest Zombie Movie Ever.

Sam and Mattie were best friends since meeting in grade school. Watching them together for two seconds is all you need to see the clear bond between them. The duo constantly crack each other up. But there is one thing that sets them apart from other teen boys obsessed with skateboarding and girls: zombies.

They spent the last few years perfecting their script for what they believe will be the best teen zombie movie ever. And they need your help.

With the help of Sam’s older brother, Jesse, they worked with some friends who they describe as “brilliant filmmaker types” to make the boys’ dream a reality. A few things you can look forward to seeing in the finished product:

  • A police skateboard chase.
  • Selfies/sexting on jetpacks.
  • A hotel party with hot girlfriends.
  • TWO separate arrest scenes.
  • A zombie yacht battle.
  • A yacht party with DJ Pauly D (100% unconfirmed).

They still help coming up with the funds for such an elaborate and awesome film. To help with this, Jesse set up a Kickstarter for the project, and they hope to raise enough money to create  a behind the scenes documentary as they see their vision come to life. Their excitement about the project is so infectious, you’ll reach for your wallet before the end of this video.

(via 22 Words.)

Other than the knowledge that you’re contributing to making two amazing dudes’ film dreams coming true, they also offer some fantastic rewards. Signed posters and DVDs are up for grabs, but other more unique items include “a picture of a kangaroo, a hyena, a tiger, and a lion” drawn and signed by the boys and a pair of “super limited edition signed sandals” (“You know, for summer.” -Sam). 

I definitely can’t wait to watch both of these films. Be sure to stop by their Kickstarter for more info and to make a donation for their epic films.

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