I Know Everyone Loves A Rebel, But These People Are Taking It WAY Too Far.

Some people say rules were meant to be broken. Those people are wrong. Still, breaking rules gives troublemakers an immense amount of satisfaction. It is also slightly entertaining to see someone smoke, eat, drink, and talk on their cell phone right next a sign that demands they do none of those. Take a look at these bad asses in action below. You’ll be in awe of their rebellious attitudes, assuming you’re not some kind of NARC.

1.) Don’t tell me what to do, either!

2.) Crazy how they could recover this film after the explosion.

3.) She’s earned the right.

4.) Heck yes.

5.) Nature’s rebel.

6.) That’s just impressive.

7.) They must have a license to spill.

8.) Wow.

9.) I secretly always wanted to do this.

10.) Watch out for the heat.

11.) Proof that rebels are born.

12.) Racking up those rebel points.

13.) Oof.

14.) Take that, garbage receptacle.

16.) This bad boy can’t bear following rules.

17.) Surprised they were able to pour this much soda before being tackled by cops.

18.) Who’s a bad boy?

19.) Now that’s a rebel.

(via eBaum’s World)

I would not want to mess with those people. If they’re willing to break those rules, what’s to keep them from breaking my heart?

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