15 Furry Animals Who Will Give You Serious Hair Envy. They Are Gorgeous.

Figuring out how to make your hair work can sometimes be a lifelong hassle. Is it too frizzy? Too oily? How do split ends keep happening??

The sad truth is, no matter how much money you spend on fancy conditioners and expensive treatments, no one will ever look as good as these animals captured having the best hair days ever. They must be blessed.

1.) No one will ever have as good a hair day as this horse.

2.) Cher, is that you?

3.) What a dreamboat.

4.) She may need to go back to the salon.

5.) There is a bunny in there somewhere, I think.

6.) Something tells me these ladies won’t be sharing their beauty secrets.

7.) Looks like someone got a blow-out.

8.) I didn’t realize pigeons could get perms.

9.) I want to know what conditioner she uses.

10.) Overwhelmed by their own beauty.

11.) It may be an algae wig, but it’s till punk.

12.) Every fiber in the right place.

13.) It’s too bad it can’t see how fabulous it looks.

14.) Warm and gorgeous at the same time.

15.) Miss Piggy’s perfect older sister, perhaps?

(via Bored Panda.)

Meanwhile, if I walk outside on a slightly humid day? I look like a poodle. I give up.

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