These Hilarious Amazon Reviews Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity.

Amazon is an amazing online retailer. It basically carries everything your imagination can dream of. What makes Amazon unique, though, is the huge user base and the plethora of reviews that come with each product.

These reviews can help you in your search for the perfect product that you want. At other times? It is a haven for hilarious comments, great Internet trolling, and also dummies who can freely voice their opinions.

1.) How to review “The Hobbit” with all sorts of spelling and grammar errors.

2.) “Shrek 3” was apparently too realistic for this reviewer.

3.) Someone who hated “Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone.”

4.) Several awesome reviews of stick-on googly eyes.

5.) A person who can’t suspend disbelief while watching, “Cars.”

6.) Don’t show your students “Gangs of New York.”

7.) Someone who didn’t read “The Casual Vacancy” reviewed it.

8.) “Ghostbusters” gets busted.

9.) A factual review of a Narwhal vs. a Unicorn play set.

10.) Somebody is fed up with the portrayal of horses in “Seabiscuit.”

11.) This is a review of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

12.) How to review a binder and troll a Presidential candidate.

13.) Finding racism in the movie “I, Robot.”

14.) A well received review for a banana slicer.

15.) Someone who doesn’t understand the concept of voiceovers in the documentary, “March of the Penguins.”

16.) A misunderstood review of how to Parent 20 -something kids.

17.) Seems more like a bad review for a DVD player, but it’s actually a review for the movie, “Top Gun.”

18.) “The Wizard of Oz.”

19.) How to review sugar free gummi bears honestly.

20.) A concerned parent reviewing “Toy Story 3.”

21.) Whatever you do, DON’T BUY THIS GNOME!

22.) Maybe your friend lied.

23.) An ironic review of “Heaven Is For Real.”

It just goes to show you, you can never really trust Amazon reviews unless you’ve actually read what all of the one star and five star reviews say. There may be some wacky reason behind them.

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