These Dogs Are Dead Ringers For Things You Just Won’t Believe. LOL.

There’s an old saying that dogs and their owners start to look alike after a while. If you spend as much time as the average person does with their dog, it’s understandable that some of your mannerisms will rub off on each other. But sometimes dogs’ appearances have their own ideas, and you end up with creatures like these. We’re sure they’re wonderful pups.

They just…maybe didn’t luck out so much with the looks. 

1.) Komondor looks like a mop

This mop might make your floor dirtier.

2.) Dog looks like a sheep

I…don’t think this dog enjoys being compared to a sheep.

3.) Shar Pei puppy looks like a towel

It’s found one of its people.

4.) Pug babies look like croissants

Or perhaps fuzzy slinkies.

5.) Pitbull looks like a tooth

And it has heterochromia!

6.) Pug looks like a loaf of bread.

It’s okay, little guy. No one’s going to eat you.

7.) Dog looks like a muffin

Or maybe the muffin looks like the dog?

8.) This dog looks like…another dog!

Totally looks just like that other dog. Certainly not like anything else.

9.) Dog looks like a lion

We can blame the human for this, though. It’s a bad haircut.

10.) Pug looks like Jabba the Hutt

One day, someone decided to selectively breed dogs to get this result. Think about that.

11.) This dog looks like Putin

This made the news. Just don’t make the dog angry. It used to be in the KGB.

12.) Puppy looks like teddy bear

I want both! Just be careful about which one you put in the wash.

13.) Dog looks like Chewbacca

They both have that same noble Wookie bearing.

14.) Puppies look like fried chicken.

Good luck getting them to stay in the bucket.

15.) This dog looks like Richard Branson.

This dog actually founded the Virgin Group. That’s the company’s deep dark secret.

 Oh, aren’t they…cute? Well, at least Richard Branson has a lot of money. 

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