As It Turns Out Most Celebrities Actually Have Boring Names Like You Or Me.

I never completely believed that Sting was actually his real name (but I always hoped). Sadly though, it’s a just a stage name and the sleuths at Mashable dug up some of the most interesting (or least interesting) real names. While disappointingly normal, Sting’s real name isn’t even the worst one out there. Just wait until you see what Lady Gaga’s real name is. It’s a mouthful.

1.) Sting.

2.) Sir Mix-A-Lot.

3.) Gene Simmons.

4.) Snoop Dog.

5.) Rihanna.

6.) 50 Cent.

7.) Queen Latifah.

8.) P!nk.

9.) Moby.

10.) Dr. Dre.

11.) Meat Loaf.

12.) Lorde.

13.) LL Cool J.

14.) Avicii.

15.) Skrillex.

16.) Elvis Costello.

17.) Flo Rida

18.) Enya.

19.) Lady Gaga.

20.) Iggy Azalea.

21.) Fergie.

22.) Elton John.

23.) Deadmau5.

24.) Drake.

25.) Calvin Harris.

26.) Bruno Mars.

(Via: Mashable )

I’d like to meet the marketing team that came up with Lorde from Ella Yelich O’Connor. That’s insanely inventive.

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