You Thought You Were Weird, But These Nervous Habits People Have Are Too Strange.

If you’re a nervous person, you probably have a coping mechanism whether you realize it or not. Some people can get through the day just by shaking their legs or cracking their knuckles. Other people aren’t so lucky. Some unlucky souls end up developing ways to handle anxiety that are downright bizarre

You may think biting your fingernails is bad, but this? This stuff is way worse.

1.) Picking At Pimples

While most people don’t want pimples on their bodies in the first place, sometimes when people are nervous they will pick at them until they “pop” or bleed.

2.) Constant Tweezing

Tweezing all over, it doesn’t have to just apply to normal places. Some people have been known to tweeze their beards, shoulder hair, mole hairs, and so on.

3.) Biting Chapped Lips

Forget chapstick, just use your teeth! That’s what a lot of nervous people do when they find their lips chapped.

4.) Putting A Pebble In Your Shoe And Playing With It

Ever have something in your shoe and it annoys you so you take it out? Some people don’t. Some people specifically put stones in their shoes for the sole purpose of fidgeting with it all day.

5.) Spinning Utensils At The Dinner Table

This will make you look like a crazy person. Taking utensils off the table simply to spin the around in your hands will cause many dinner guests to ask you to, “Just put the knife down.”

6.) Constant Eyebrow Plucking

In search of those perfect eyebrows, some people go overboard and become obsessed with plucking their eyebrows.

7.) Typing On Imaginary Keyboards

If you have something you want to say but can’t there is always the option of typing it out on your invisible keyboard. That way you can say it without really saying it.

8.) Biting Shirt Collars


Hopefully these people have a large budget for shirts because more often than not, the shirts getting chewed on get ruined.

9.) Acquiring Other People’s Accents

If you’re nervous around people, acquiring their accents can seem a bit strange. And that is because it is. The person with the accent will be insulted more often than not.

10.) Plucking Eyelashes

While most women are looking for ways to have fuller and longer eyelashes, some people elect to pluck them out when they are nervous.

11.) Biting The Skin Around Your Fingers

While it is not uncommon for people to bite their nails, people have wandered away from the nails and moved onto the skin surrounding the nails. Some people will ever bite until the fingers are bloody.

12.) Literally Pulling Your Hair Out

Unfortunately for these people, their nervous tick can happen even when they are asleep. Some people feverishly rip their hair out in times of great stress or pressure.

13.) Biting And Ruining Jewelry

This one is a costly habit. People have reports that they bite down on their jewelry when they are nervous, sometimes even damaging the pieces.

The next time you’re feeling anxious, be thankful that you’re not literally pulling out your own hair (because that happens). Cracking your knuckles seems like small stuff compared to these strange coping mechanisms.

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