This Kentucky House Witnessed The Most Bizarre Alien Encounter Ever Documented.

In 1955, a quiet Kentucky farmhouse was the setting of one of the most famous alien encounters of all time. It was extremely important in shaping the narrative of what we now believe to be “aliens” and “UFOs.” It was also the case that coined term “little green men.” Many government officials and biologists spoke out to disprove this occurrence. Yet the more they spoke, the more one has to wonder if something freaky really did happen here.

The Saucer.

Billy Ray Taylor was visiting his family at a farmhouse in Sutton, Kentucky, when he spotted a flying saucer emitting “all the colors of the rainbow.” When he told his family, they reassured him that he only witnessed a shooting star.

The First Encounter.

Later that evening, the family heard strange noises outside the house. The men of the house went out with guns. Suddenly, a creature crawled out of the darkness, getting dangerously close to the men.

The Creatures.

The creatures appeared to be three foot tall, gremlin-like creatures with pointy ears, bright green eyes, and shiny hues. They had long arms that helped them move with sinister claws on the points of their fingers.

The men fired at the creatures, but they were immune to the blow. Taylor described it as “bullets hitting a metal blanket.” Unharmed, the creatures scurried back into the brush.

The Return.

Later that night, Billy’s brother Lucky said he saw the same creature they shot at appear at his window. He shot at the creature again, breaking the window. The creature was still unharmed. The family stood by their guns the whole night, still shooting at the creatures. It wasn’t until dawn when they disappeared.

A U.S. Air Force Major came out to say that he believes these creatures to be an escaped monkey that, for some reason, was painted silver. That seems about as legitimate as the account here. Perhaps we will never truly know…

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