When This Dying Woman’s Final Wish Came True, It Broke My Heart.

All Sheila Marsh could think about on her deathbed was seeing her faithful horse companion one last time. Marsh’s horse, which she raised from birth, was just as much a part of the family as anyone else. Sheila wanted to share her last moments in the world with everyone special in her life.

For this woman known for moving mountains to help others, it became obvious to family and hospital staff that they had to move fast to reunite the pair. The result melted my heart.

According to her daughter, Tina, “I was crying my eyes out and all the nurses were crying, too. She took comfort out of it and it was a beautiful moment. [My Mother] loved her horses and she loved and adored all animals. She had six horses, three dogs, three cats, and other animals. Her condition did not get any better and the hospital allowed us to bring Bronwen in.”

Wigan Royal Infirmary

Sadly, just hours after being nuzzled by her horse Bronwen, Sheila passed away due to cancer. Thankfully, her wish was granted just in time.

(via Mirror)

We can all swim in the good feelings of this awesome deed thanks to the fine medical staff at Wigan Royal Infirmary in Greater Manchester. It’s acts of kindness like this that make the medical community shine, and make me want to hug a nurse.

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