Here Are 12 Inventions We All Need In Our Lives Right Now.

There are about a million little things that can ruin your day with just the right amount of annoying. Y’know, all the small things that make you wonder why some genius hasn’t come up with a solution for it already. That’s where these designers come in.

The ideas are simple, but the impact is impressive. I wish I had #2 as a kid, but now I just really want the last one. Amazing!

1.) This wheelchair accessible set of stairs.

2.) This bunk bed upgrade.

3.) This handy toilet paper holder.

4.) This perfect cat nap spot.

5.) This simple plug update.

6.) This waste-free toothpaste revolution.

7.) This desk perfect for music lovers.

8.) These kitty shelves.

9.) This doorknob is perfect for a kid’s bedroom. Next time they slam the door in your face, you can still see them.

10.) This cute way to roll up your school supplies.

11.) This self-locking bike that saves you from carrying bulky standard locks.

12.) This amazing space-saving TV stand.

(via Full Punch.)

Seriously, who wants to help me install #12 in my bedroom ASAP??

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