What These Kind People Did Will Make You Feel Better About The World.

Let’s face it, the world can be a pretty tough place. That’s why it’s important to highlight the glimmers of hope that arise from seemingly nowhere and remind us that it can be a great place. If that’s hard for you to see during your day-to-day life, these stories will drive that point home. 

Some people are kind beyond expectation – it’s a wonderful thing.

1.) This Iraqi refugee lived off only welfare from Australia until one day he made money and paid back every dime.

2.) Florida Millionaire Harris Rosen changed the future of this neighborhood by providing daycare for free and college scholarships to all the kids — sending the graduation rate from 25% to 100% while cutting crime in half.

3.) After recieving number 51, Ichiro Suski wrote to the famous Randy Jackon (another former 51) to promise not to dishonor the number.

4.) Stockholm will collect moving violation fees and pay a “safe driver” a lucky lump sum of the money.

5.) Billy “Piano Man” Joel regularly gives away the front row seats to people sitting in back row.

6.) George Zimmer, owner of Men’s Wearhouse, doesn’t do background checkes on any employees. He believes in the power of the 4th Amendment.

7.) 1994 MVP Hakeem Oujowon sold his own shoe line for $35 to avoid the insane prices sold by Nike. He did it help out single moms who otherwise couldn’t buy them for their kids.

8.) Giving away 99% of his $6.3 billion to send impoverished kids to college, Chuck Feeney is a hero.

9.) The same nuclear reactor that melted down in Japan a few years ago is the same that survived because of a concrete fence built 5 times higher than required. The designer considered people “human trash” and this to be the solution.

10.) An Indian male tiger adopted some orphan cubs recently. It was the first time such behavior had ever been recorded.

11.) Volvo, known as one of the safest cars around, invented the three point seat belt and gave everyone free licenses to use it too.

12.) In the tales of amazing, two surgeons once operated (successfully) on a collaposed lung during plane ride using only a tube, coat hanger, and brandy.

(via eBaum’s World)

If those quick little stories can brighten your day… well, nothing will.

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