What Was Found In This Restaurant’s Freezer Is Beyond Insane. How In The…

A restaurant in England was home to a recent health inspection with some surprising results. After searching the kitchen for potential violations, inspectors found something so unusual that they just had to show the world. And that’s not even the crazy part, because what they found around it made them sick.

Inside of a freezer was a dead LION. According to the owner, a nearby zoo gave him the dead lion to feed his pack of dogs. This much held true. The scary part, though, is that inspectors found the lion resting on food the restaurant served to humans!

(H/T Mirror)

The revelation that food sent out to unsuspecting customers had touched the corpse overshadowed the shocking discovery of the lion. However, the removal of the lion was the restaurant’s only violation, and they had permission to continue operating without interruption and without customer knowledge.

Makes you wonder what else you don’t know about your food establishments, doesn’t it?

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