You’ll Want These 13 Simple But Genius Products in Your Home Right NOW.

We’re always looking for the next great gadget that will help save us time around the house. Whether it’s as simple as an incredibly detailed cutting board or as complex as a remote controlled mop, we’ll try anything if it makes the cleaning and upkeep of our homes easier. 

And those are just two of the seriously cool things we found that we totally need in our homes. Like, right now. Each of these amazing things will give you one less thing to stress about when you get home from work.

1.) The OCD Chef Cutting Board

2.) Broom Groomer

3.) Spice Dispenser

4.) Perfectly Draining Dish Rack

5.) Beer Savers

6.) The Slush Mugs

7.) BiKN Tracking Device for Keys and Phone

8.) Remote Control Mop

9.) Chihuahua Taco Holder Plates

10.) Sugar Doilies

11.) Foldable Cutting Board

12.) Portable USB Humidifier

13.) Palm Up Soap Dispenser

(via Colors and Joy.)

Having an awesome home is sometimes as simple as buying a bunch of awesome stuff for it. It’ll be hard to resist ordering each and every one of these…

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