These Animals Are Nearly Indestructible And I Had No Idea. Humans Be Warned.

Getting older stinks. There’s no way around it. We get slower and worn out. The human body is far from indestructible. We assume the same for all other creatures in the world, but we would be wrong. In fact, these 10 animals are the polar opposite of us. They’re darn near unbeatable death-stopping machines.

1.) Tardigrades

2.) Hexactonellids

3.) Clams

4.) Turritopsis Dohrniis

5.) Bowhead Whales

6.) Greenland Sharks

7.) Planarians

8.) Bdelloids

9.) Turtles

10.) Lobsters

Check out the crazy facts for each of these, like how the oldest clam was over 200 years old!

Whoa! I can’t believe the scientists killed the longest living animal on the planet. Do you think nature will sue for malpractice? Good grief!

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