What This Town Did To Appease A Murderous Ghost May Be More Than A Magic Spell.

In most ghost stories, the entity in question usually exists in their own dimension. Sure, they can sometimes be antagonistic and make contact with its victims, but it usually isn’t aware who they are or even what time they exist in. The biggest fear with ghosts comes from the unknown, rather than physical danger.

But then there’s the town of Tha Sawang in Thailand. Whereas most ghosts who kill are relegated to horror films shown aplenty around this time of year, this town is convinced that a ghost is murdering it’s young men, and they are going through great lengths to keep that from continuing.

It is beyond superstition for these people—this is survival.

The people of Tha Sawang finally turned to the guidance of a ‘spirit medium’ after more than a dozen seemingly young, healthy men were mysteriously killed in under a month. The medium believed the town to be plagued by a ‘pee mae mai’ or ‘widow ghost’ who in death wants the villagers to feel the lonely pain she felt when she was living.

The medium said that each household must hang a red shirt outside the home. Legend has it that this is an ancient technique in repelling evil.

Even those who don’t believe in the medium’s voodoo have relented to hang a shirt to respect their neighbors’ beliefs, but also because the medium said that if the whole town town doesn’t cooperate, the magic won’t work. “Some of the men who died did not show any sign of sickness, they were perfectly fine. When I heard about the rumor, I respected people’s beliefs and put a red shirt on my front door as well,” one man told The Bangkok Post.

What makes this interesting is that the red shirt is also the symbol of one of Thailand’s most hated political groups, the UDD. The United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship opposed the new reign of Thailand’s Royal Thai Army, which was strangely supported by 84% of the country’s people. Was this mere coincidence? Or is this medium connected to the democracy movement and seeks to grow their perceived support?

“Widow ghost” or no, there is definitely something spooky going on here. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, what is happening in this town is beyond horrifying. Whoa.

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