15 People Who Should Have Turned Their Search History Off Before Googling.

The Internet is a vessel of seemingly endless information. Whatever knowledge you’re seeking, chances are your old friend Google will have the answer. Or if you’re looking for something a little more personal, there are tons of online communities who are more than happy to help you find a solution to whatever plagues you.

Unless you happen to be one of these poor schmucks whose problems were just too obscure for the rest of us weirdos. 

1.) One thing led to another and whoops…

2.) Easter is a very confusing holiday.

3.) This was a big “no” at “Canadian.”

4.) This person should NOT have a dog.

5.) First sign: there is a bush on fire nearby and your name is Moses.

6.) Your new neighbor just wants to say hi.

7.) Pretty sure we all feel this way from time to time.

8.) …good for you.

9.) It’s called “And that’s why your child is banned from the zoo.”

10.) Same thing, pretty much.

11.) Only if you ask politely first.

12.) Try very hard not to eat yourself.

13.) Wouldn’t you?

14.) Doesn’t look like there’s much hope for your friend.

15.) I can’t even wrap my mind around this.

(via Full Punch.)

Just when I thought people couldn’t get dumber, these guys show up to prove me wrong. Every time. 

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