It’s Hard To Believe This One Fact About These Celebrities: They’re Over 40.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell just how old someone is by looking at them. If you’re employed as a waiter, you then know the anguish of trying to decide to card someone when they order alcohol. Looking up someone’s date of birth on their ID can leave you shocked to find they’re over 40 years old.

That’s how we felt when we realized that these people are over 40. You would never be able to guess their age based on looks. 

In fact, these celebrities may just be wizards.

1.) Halle Berry

2.) Jared Leto

3.) Angie Harmon

4.) Jack McBrayer

5.) Salma Hayek

6.) Carmen Electra


7.) Kate Moss

8.) Eminem

9.) Sarah Silverman

10.) Kristen Wiig

11.) Jennifer Lopez

12.) Pharrell Williams

13.) Gwen Stefani

These celebrities probably made a deal with the devil to keep their youth. They are simply stunning at an age where most of us begin to fall apart. (Also, please don’t tell my sister I said that.)

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