What This Man Did For The Woman He Loves Makes Everyone Else Look Bad.

When it was time for this man to get his fiancée a wedding ring, he really went for the gold. Literally. John Greenwood panned for gold in the Scottish mountains. He wanted to personally create the perfect ring for his bride-to-be, Morag Shearer.

Greenwood spent a year and a half panning for gold, and when he was through, he collected roughly 70 grams of it. The gold was melted down and delivered to a goldsmith, who crafted two beautiful rings for Morag and John. Take a look at how these precious materials made it from the Scottish mountains to the alter.

To pan for gold, Greenwood used a gold pan, trowel, shovel, and rake.

Greenwood in action.

The fruits of his labor melting down.

Goldsmith Grant Logan working on the pair of rings.

So far, so good.

The finished products. Beautiful!

John and Morag on their wedding day.

Looks like it was well worth the effort.

(via Elite Daily)

How precious! Kudos to John on the beautiful rings, the beautiful bride, and setting the bar entirely way too high for everyone else getting married.

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