This Adorable Baby Elephant Will Stumble Into Your Heart. I’m In Love With It!

Kids are always try to grow up too fast, no matter how much we tell them to cherish their youth. They’re all oblivious to how quickly time passes. The rest of us would love to press the pause button, but not kids.

Even parents in the animal kingdom can’t stop their little ones from stumbling quickly through life. (Literally.) Just like a toddler taking clumsy steps around a living room, this baby elephant discovered how challenging life can be.

Careful… easy does it…

You’ve totally got this! You’re so close!

Nope, never mind, time to panic.

Luckily his cries were heard and help was nearby.

They even guide him to a safer route.

You can watch all the cute clumsiness in the full video: 

He seems pretty embarrassed by the end, but I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it when the time is right.

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