This Clinic In China Keeps Their Patients Calm And Comfy With A Little Help…

The pulse is the guide and foundation for examination and diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine. Practitioners in China pay close attention to a pulse’s rhythm, strength, and volume. After all, these factors can be “floating, slippery, bolstering-like, feeble, thready and quick” and show the cause of suffering.

At one clinic in China, a number of patients expressed a problem relaxing while dealing with the stress of sickness and suffering. To help calm nerves and make visiting the place less scary, the clinic found the perfect four-legged solution.

Instead of an ordinary cushion, they use this adorable cat!

The helpful orange tabby is always around to help patients relax.

He’s able to make them feel more comfortable while he catches a few ZZZs.

I wonder if I could talk my doctor into adopting this practice…

(via RocketNews24.)

I would be much better about making my regular appointments if I knew this little guy would be waiting for me. He’s even better than the lollipops we got as kids!

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