Villagers Threw This Donkey Into A Pen With A Wolf. Something Amazing Happened.

One of the cutest things in the world is when animals of different species become friends, but this story is probably one of the strangest stories of unlikely animal friendship. In fact, it’s so strange, it’s downright unbelievable:

Back in 2007, the villagers of Patok in the Eastern European country of Albania captured a wolf and held it in a cage.

One villager had the idea of putting a live donkey in the cage with the wolf to be eaten. Instead, the wolf and the donkey became friends. They did not attack each other, and they had a peaceful relationship in the cage. They even cuddled.

Their companionship kicked off a flurry of media coverage. After several international petitions, the Albanian government stepped in and released both animals.

Once they were both released, the wolf returned to the wild, and the donkey was given a nice open pasture to live out the rest of its days.

The villagers were stunned by the bond that these two animals shared. In fact, they said, the wolf even returned from time to time to see the donkey. 

(H/T: Care 2)

Now that is one heartwarming story of animal friendship. Nature can be pretty amazing. It also goes to show that there’s a lot about the world and the animal kingdom that we still don’t fully understand.

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