23 Incredibly Cute Facts About Animals That Make Them Even MORE Adorable.

Animals don’t have to do much to make us say “awww!” Simply rolling around, making a silly face, or just being very sleepy can be enough to kill us with cuteness. The bar isn’t set too high, which makes these adorable facts all the more heart-melting.

You’re gonna want to snuggle up with each of the sweet animals when you hear how ridiculously endearing they really are.

1.) Puffins mate for life, each year only laying one egg to be raised by both mom and dad.

2.) This cat named Mayor Stubbs was actually elected mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for the past 17 years.

3.) Sheep are able to recognize facial features and are especially fond of smiles.

4.) Polar bears greet each other with their noses when asking for something, such as food.

5.) Your cat headbutting you is its way of making a safe space and letting you know they trust you.

6.) Like human babies with their thumbs, baby elephants suck on their trunks for comfort.

7.) When about to give birth, a momma giraffe will often return to the same place she was born.

8.) When joeys are scared, they’ll jump head first into their mother’s pouch.

9.) Unborn chicks are able to communicate with their siblings and mom through their shell.

10.) Red pandas use their tails as built-in blankets to stay warm.

11.) Houseflies always buzz in the key of F.

12.) Male puppies are such little gentlemen that they often let female puppies win while play fighting.

13.) Crows enjoy playing pranks and tricks on each other.

14.) Baby pandas only weigh about as much as a cup of tea at birth.

15.) Elephants curl their tusks into each other as a sign of affection.

16.) Sea otters have pockets under their forearm where they tuck away food and favorite rocks.

17.) Honey bees communicate with each other through dance.

18.) Cows have BFFs and get upset when they’re separated from them.

19.) Baby chimpanzee girls will carry sticks around like a doll and care for it like their mother does for them.

20.) Squirrels will adopt orphaned baby squirrels into their own families.

21.) Wolves will leave babysitters with their cubs when the parents are required to leave for hunting.

22.) The term for a group of domestic cats is a “clowder.”

23.) Corgi translates to “dwarf dog” in Welsh.

(via BuzzFeed.)

I want all of these animals as my pet now, but I guess I’ll just settle for giving my cat some extra cuddles. At least I know why it keeps headbutting me.

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