Don’t Worry, These 10 Strange Fears Are Really Common. But They’re Still Odd.

Do you have one of the ten most commons phobias in the country? Chances are, you’re not alone in your irrational fear of spiders, heights, and/or giant crowds. Just about 10 percent of American adults have a phobia of some sort, according to numbers from the National Institute of Mental Health. 

It’s not known exactly why we humans develop phobias to certain things. Some research has suggested an evolutionary purpose. If you don’t have a true phobia, it’s hard to understand why others may cower in fear when exposed to certain things. Whatever the cause may be, here are the phobias that are more prevalent than others:

1.) Arachnophobia – Being afraid of spiders.

2.) Ophidiophobia – Fear of snakes.

3.) Acrophobia – Fear of heights.

4.) Agoraphobia – The fear of being in situations/places where escape is difficult. This might include crowded train stations, city streets, or concerts.

5.) Cynophobia – Fear of dogs.

6.) Astraphobia – Being afraid of thunder and lightning.

7.) Trypanophobia – The fear of injections.

8.) Social Phobias – Fear of social situations, events, and people.

9.) Pteromerhanophobia – The fear of flying.

10.) Mysophobia – The fear of germs and dirt.


Who knew that people were actually afraid of thunder and lightning (Astraphobia? You’re not alone if you have a weird fear… you might just be afraid.

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