This Woman Wears A Mustache During November Better Than Any Man I’ve Ever Seen

Have you ever held your index finger above your top lip to see what you’d look like with a mustache? What Facebook user S Van Lokey did is just like that. However, instead of pondering what a flesh-colored push broom would like on her face, she dove head first into the fake mustaches…and she actually looks pretty great.

There are a few people whose mustaches come to mind when you think of legendary lip whiskers. Yet, she seems to wear them better than Selleck, Reynolds, or even Alex Trebek ever could. S Van Lokey has the look down and it’s cool to see.

The follicular wizard herself, S Van Lokey.


Okay, yeah. These are some incredible mustaches.

You can’t buy these at Party City, that’s for sure.

These look so good.

I’ll bet they even look this great when she gets soup in them.


I always thought not being able to grow a mustache was a sign that you probably wouldn’t look good with one.

I was wrong.

If you don’t agree, have fun taking it up with them.

Or them.

Yeah, these portraits are nothing short of amazing.

Movember doesn’t come often enough.

(via S Van Lokey)

I mustache you a question, S Van Lokey. How do you do it? Every time I try and pull off a mustache, people always ask me if I was drinking chocolate milk.

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