These Are the Best Spots to Celebrate Halloween. Pile in Your Car, It’s Time!

Halloween is, of course, a nation-wide event. Every kid in every state will have a bundle of candy and a (probably Frozen-related) costume. Halloween celebrations are fairly standard in most cities…but there are a few awesome outliers. Some places embrace this frightful time of year like no other. Here are some towns that treat every Halloween like it’s the end of the world.

It’s a graveyard smash.

1.) Sleep Hollow, NY.

The setting of the Headless Horseman, one of the most iconic spooky tales of all time. Grab a lantern and tour the cemetery that drove poor Ichabod Crane mad.

2.) Lake Placid, NY.

The town surrounding Lake Placid shuts down Main Street and turns it into a thrilling, zombie themed 5K run. The Running Dead, they call it. Eh? Anyone?…Ok.

3.) Salem, MA.

The famous site where 26 were executed for being witches is now a global Halloween hit, complete with warlock walking tours and plenty of museums.

4.) Estes Park, CO.

What happened in Room 217 in The Stanley hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel The Shining (later a movie with Jack Nicholson). No doubt there are going to be Halloween parties going on, probably from the living as well as the dead.

5.) New Orleans, LA.

America’s party capitol is also the home to many ghost tours, including one into “The Haunted Forest” of Manchac Swamp.

6.) New York, NY.

Greenwich Village in New York is home to the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, the world’s largest parade of it’s kind. Costumed guests and giant puppets join in a spooky and spectacular dance.

7.) Hollyween Horror Nights At Universal Studios, CA.

The park is overrun by ghouls and frights that are expertly horrifying. Not a great place to bring kids, but if you hate feeling secure for your own safety on Halloween, here ya go.

8.) Mickey’s Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party At Disney World, FL.

The Magic Kingdom becomes host to a kid-friendly Halloween hoe-down with all of your favorite Disney friends.

9.) The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, CA.

With six different monster filled mazes, this is easily the scariest place to be this time of year. Oh did we mention the Queen Mary is actually historically haunted as well? All kinds of spook going on here.

That should give you some options if you’re tired of the same ole suburban trick-or-treating schtick. More candy for me!

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