This Dog Isn’t Sure What’s Going On, But She’s Cool With It Anyway. She’s Awesome.

This golden retriever may have no idea what she’s doing, but she’s so adorable while she does it.

Her name is Bailey and she is so oblivious and nonchalant about the world around her. She doesn’t mind when her owners decide to dress her up and snap some goofy shots. While sharing some of the photos on Reddit, her owner explained how somehow the patient pup just knows to stay still when the camera is on her. The result is hilariously cute.

A relaxing evening at home catching up with her DVR.

Gotta crunch the numbers.

“These bills don’t pay themselves, y’know.”

Not afraid to get her paws dirty.

Squeaky clean!

The doggie equivalent of a brewski.

Ready to ride some waves.

Cutest cowgirl ever!

(via Reddit.)

You can follow for more precious pics on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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