This Snake Surprise Is The Opposite Of What Anyone Would Want. Oh, My. NOPE.

What’s your worst nightmare? Is it someone entering your home? Perhaps it’s falling off a super tall building? Personally, I cringe at the thought of finding snakes anywhere within a 5 foot radius of my person. But finding them in the toilet or bathroom? That’s even worse.

That’s why when I saw what happened recently in Australia, I instantly crossed a visit to the country off my bucket list. You’ll see why. Believe me, this would creep anyone out.

A home in Queensland, Australia was the site of a snake invasion. An invasion through the ceiling light fixture!

A company called Snake Catchers from Brisbane posted the series of photos on its Facebook page.

Which led them to post even MORE crazy places where they’ve found these snakes. Here’s our favorite.

Right on your little kiddo’s bed. Yup, that’s right.

How you feeling about visiting Australia now?

(via Facebook / Daily Mail)

If seeing that last picture doesn’t freak you out, then by all means, head to Australia. Just don’t bank on seeing me down there anytime soon.

At least not without my trusty Shark repellent Bat-spray. I figure if it works for sharks, snakes should be no problem…

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