This Furniture Is Made From Something You Use And Throw Away Every Day.

Attention book-lovers: If you hate the thought of throwing away old books that you know you’ll never read again… take heed. We have an epic idea for you. There are people just as attached to their beloved novels as you, and if you take a page from their book, you’ll never have to get rid of a single volume.

Because from novel photo holders to comic book art, these furniture pieces give you the best of both worlds. Use your old books as unique furniture!

1.) Headboard decorated with old pages from your favorite book. Priceless.

2.) Comic book lovers, eat your heart out.

3.) I doubt the Hardy Boys can unravel the mystery of this floating bookshelf.

4.) Welcome to my Thinking Chair.

5.) Who needs a dictionary. Just sit up!

6.) Sitting on knowledge…

7.) That’s one way to do a headboard…

8.) A photo holder really does say a 1000 words.

9.) A side table of books, to rest your current read!

10.) Don’t throw out the funny pages. Just put’em here!

11.) Books and film cartridges make a great potential lamp for any movie decoration.

12.) Yes, this IS a bookshelf bookshelf…

13.) The Fantastic Four were revived with this decorative piece.

14.) A reception desk a book lover NEEDS to have.

15.) A reader’s bedside lamp, re-imagined.

(via Mental Floss)

If you want to keep reading your old books instead of converting them into furniture, check out the Etsy page for each of the pieces above. This is just brilliant up-cycling.

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